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Czech Republic

Weather & Climate

The climate in the Czech Republic is a mixture of ocean and continental influences, with four year seasons. The Czech Republic lies in a temperate climate zone and with pleasantly mild summers and winters, with only moderate amounts of precipitation. This landlocked country in the centre of Europe does not abound in extremes. The average annual temperature ranges from 5.5°C to 10°C, but temperatures are lower in the mountains. The average temperature in the summer varies between 23°C and 29°C, and the average temperature in the winter varies between -11°C and 0°C.

For the actual information on weather forecast visit Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Weather-forecast or BBC web sites.

Prague is a city that remains beautiful and breathtaking not only during the summer, but throughout all the year seasons. Winter can start early in November and the days can be grey seemingly without end. It may even snow, so bring a warm jacket and socks, hat and sturdy walking shoes. You'll be very lucky to get an Indian summer day!

The weather in Prague in November:
Average minimum temperatures: 1°C
Average maximum temperatures: 5°C
Average precipitation/rainfall: 26 mm
Wet days: 12
Average sunlight hours/day: 1,8
Relative humidity: 80 %
Average number of days with frost: 5

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