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Český svaz vědeckotechnických společností


Ministry of Industry and Trade CR

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Conference Topics

Nuclear Energy Policy - The Czech Republic

  • State Energy Policy
  • National Action Plan on Nuclear Energy
  • Standing Committee for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Policy - The World

  • VVER Development Policy/Strategy

Licensing, LTO (Long Term Operation)

  • Sharing of knowledge and experience of national regulators and utilities in the field of license renewal
  • Destinations: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia

Power Uprates, Availability, Operation and Capacity Factors increasing

New Builds

  • Destinations: Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Turkey, Jordan, China, Russia, Iran, Bangladesh

Education, Training, R&D

  • Rosatom academy
  • VVER Decommissioning

Nuclear Fuel

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